The workstation forms the interface between external and internal supply of goods. The goods are delivered, checked and prepared for subsequent use/storage and re-packed in standard containers.

If you are looking for a workstation model for your goods-in area, where despite a high level of turnover the load on your staff is reduced and products are handled carefully, the ideal solution available to you is the WEAP from SSI SCHAEFER. Using our system it is common to achieve productivity increases of 20%.

Carefully designed down to the smallest detail

Our WEAP is ergonomically optimised. Using this system, the lifting workload on your staff is reduced by a scissor lift, the goods are arranged very close to the containers, the waste management is organised efficiently and the inward storage process is simplified via a menu system.

In addition, our system has several special features:
  • Carefully designed concepts for warehouse automation using ergonomics@work!®
  • Continuous goods flow from top to bottom using gravity
  • Goods are supplied directly to the workstation on pallet
  • Use of anti-fatigue mats to reduce the strain of standing
  • Physical illumination of the compartments in the storage containers

As a ready-implemented additional function, WEAP also offers you the option for the inward storage of returns from the pharmaceutical market.

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