The storage of small items, is ideal for and automated small parts store. Entire warehouse units of small parts, controlled via IT, are retrieved from unmanned automated storage and retrieval systems. They are then supplied to the relevant order picking stations using a conveyor line connection.

As small parts warehouses have to conform to the tightest of tolerance specifications, this shelving type has the most demanding requirements in terms of manufacturing precision and accuracy of installation - core areas of expertise at SSI SCHAEFER, used to ensure a consistently high level of uptime.

Small parts systems are extremely versatile and SSI SCHAEFER offers a large variety of design options depending on your logistical challenges:

  • Single and multi location storage, the latter also as a modular shelving system, e.g. for storing cartons
  • Various inward storage depth options – from single to multiple storage depth
  • Variants with multiple vertical function levels and storage and retrieval systems arranged on top of one another for even greater efficiency
  • Integration of flow channels
  • Implementation in an advantageous silo design

Versatile and made-to-measure load carriers

SSI SCHAEFER is one of the few small parts store specialists offering you not only the racking construction but also the relevant load carriers. Therefore all system variants can be implemented without or - as a lucrative bundle - with the corresponding containers or trays.


Our large selection of small parts storage solutions are manufactured by SSI SCHAEFER in-house  and is adapted for your requirements. Specific custom solutions can also be implemented in accordance with your specifications.

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