It is an important goal to reduce waste and in many cases, this is the driving force behind using a system of returnable containers. A thought through concept of returnable containers will give you access to a whole range of benefits, covering the entire transport cycle. The introduction of a returnable system however, may pose a serious challenge to a company. It is therefore quite helpful to team up with an experienced partner.

We are offering to support you in any issue surrounding returnable or reusable containers. Due to the high quality of our products and the comprehensive service, we became a leading supplier of transport and storage containers. In case you have to decide whether to invest in a returnable system in your current situation, we will gladly advise you based on extensive knowledge.

Our experience tells us, that returnable systems are most beneficial for companies who:

  • supply a network of stores or similar recipients with goods
  • use sales packaging in addition to transport packaging
  • would like to improve the handling of their goods throughout the entire supply chain

SSI SCHAEFER has been producing returnable containers for many decades now and are able to supply them in different sizes and variants. They are suitable for every major application and are already being used by a number of customers from different industries who supply or manufacture various goods. Our expertise enables us to develop efficient concepts for returnable systems to meet customer requirements.

Advantages of returnable / reusable containers from SSI Schaefer:

  • eliminates costs for storage and removal of disposable packaging
  • speeds up packing and unpacking of the goods
  • protects goods against damage and theft
  • allows automated handling of the containers
  • less packaging waste
  • tracking and tracing with bar codes and RFID
  • recyclable
  • guaranteed long-term availability of replacement boxes

Returnable containers, consulting and financing

We develop the appropriate returnable system together with our customers. We advise you how many cycles your containers need in order to achieve break-even. Beyond that, we will support you when it comes to the financing and leasing of containers. If you would like to outsource the cleaning and refeeding of your containers, we will also give you helpful advice.

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SSI Schäfer is "Best Logistics Brand 2016" for boxes and containers.
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