Double Deep Pallet Racking designs locate two pallets deep per aisle face for increased storage capacity of up to 33%. It is best utilised when each SKU (product line) has several pallets.

50% of stored pallets are immediately accessible on a FILO (First In Last Out) basis.

  • Double Deep Pallet Racking - Increase pallets stored by 33%
  • Double Deep Pallet Racking

A cost-saving alternative

Where a high number of homogenous pallet types is not needed, the double deep pallet racking is an excellent cost-saving choice.

Safety measures

Higher storage levels can either be fitted with pallet guide rails or wire mesh decking for increased operator assistance and safety.

Secure, clean and safe handling with the first pallet level is generally located off ground.



  • Achieving increases in capacity of up to 30% more than Selective pallet racking.
  • Lower cost alternative against Drive-In Racking, while increasing capacity by up to 30%.
  • Redundancy rates can run between 10-20% dependent on the quality of the Warehouse Management System (WMS) program.

Most Suitable for:

Excellent method of increasing warehouse capacity of when alternative systems such as the Drive-In Racking are not possible. Requires a special Double Deep capable forklift with either pantograph or sliding fork attachments.

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