Companies are required to store confidential documents, valuable items to which only a small number of people should have access. At the same time, storage space is scarce and should be used efficiently.

We combine the versatility of our electronic mobile shelving system for light loads with security and ease of use provided by RFID technology (radio-frequency identification). This way, we offer a new and efficient solution for offices, workshops and archives. 

The innovation
Modern RFID technology controls access to the shelving system as a whole and to individual aisles. Only authorised personnel can access the stored goods. User administration can be done with normal PCs, laptops, smart phones and tablet PCs. Furthermore, the shelving system will be linked to your existing inventory control syste.

By integrating this convenient RFID technology and further safety devices, SSI SCHAEFER offers a sensible addition to mobile shelving for light loads.

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Security and ease of use
Operation is simple: an employee scans their chip card at the system's control panel. This unlocks the shelving system and the employee may open individual aisles using the command function. Once inside the shelving system, a set of light-barriers protects the operator.



The electric shelving system for light loads is suitable for a number of applications:

  • Offices and archives
  • Libraries
  • Museums
  • Spare parts storage
  • Tyre storage

Tried and tested auxiliary equipment from our range of products allows you to add even more functions to this shelving system, such as an operating hours counter and automatic lighting. For more information, read our Mobile Shelving Systems with RFID brochure or contact us.

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Information and Consulting

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