If you need to store substances hazardous to water conforming to WHG, flammable substances conforming to BetrSichV (Operational Safety Ordinance) and the substances on the positive liquid list conforming to DIN6601, our special hazardous goods racking with drip tray and mesh shelves is an excellent solution.

Precise compliance with regulations

The securely positioned drip trays at the lowest storage level conforms to the following test principles:

  • List of building regulations A, part 1, no. 15.22 edition 2002/2 of the German Institute for Construction Engineering
  • Ordinance on systems dealing with substances hazardous to water and on specialist companies (VawS)
  • WHG para. 19h  in combination with VawS
  • Directive on the requirements for drip trays made from steel (StawaR)
  • DIN 6600, DIN 6601, DIN 6625

The mesh shelves have a reduced surface area of approximately 60mm less in terms of shelf depth and faciliate the optimum collection of any hazardous substances that escape in the event of a leak.

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