Modern industrial assembly lines require the punctual, accurate and ergonomically correct provision of small parts. Interruptions or disturbances of the production process would lead to higher and unnecessary costs and decrease the competitiveness of the company.

Staging shelves from SSI SCHAEFER are placed in direct vicinity to the assembly line and hold those parts the operatives require to assemble the products. The shelves are available in different lengths and depths and have a high load capacity. Depending on the requirements they are equipped either with shelves, gliding rails or roller tracks and work according to the FIFO principle (First-in-First-out).


Production line assembly


  • Modular design on casters
  • Can be easily moved for replenishment
  • Modular and Mobile mobile; can be moved to suit changes in assembly program

Most suitable for:

  • Automotive manufacturers
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Yes, I'm interested!

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Download Brochures
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