Ricoh Australia is a leading provider of smart technologies that improve the work life of its customers, to create positive change. Its solutions include providing innovative Managed Document Solutions, IT Services, Print Solutions and Unified Communications Solutions to organisations ranging from SMBs to educational institutions, government, and the financial sector.

Ricoh has consistently been listed as one of the Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations for their contribution to worldwide environmental quality. In 2013, Ricoh Australia optimised their distribution and warehousing operations to a new five-star green rated distribution centre in Eastern Creek, New South Wales.

Selective Pallet Racking Systems - Ricoh Australia

Project objectives

  • Consolidate three existing warehouses into one Centralised Facility
  • Movement of goods according to First-In First-Out (FIFO) theory
  • Maximise space utilisation for storage of goods

Scope of supply and services

From its 7,000 sqm warehouse located in Eastern Creek, NSW, Ricoh Australia receives, manages and distributes over 25,000 individual SKUs including: its full range of hardware solutions (including multifunction devices, interactive whiteboard technology, projectors), product consumables, and spare parts. A team of 40 logistics and warehousing staff receive 25 containers a week, whilst dispatching 3,000 cartons and 200 pallets of product each day.

By centralising their operations, Ricoh has improved their speed-to-market and reduced costs associated with multiple warehouses. Previously, their distribution network was spread across four separate warehouses within Sydney.

SSI Schaefer was able to provide a cost effective warehouse solution for the Ricoh product range. Ricoh’s primary challenge was to build and train a new workforce and at the same time implement their new operating systems. The team at SSI Schaefer managed the project through from design variations and solutions through to installation, ensuring a timely delivery for Ricoh.

With SSI Schaefer’s solution, Ricoh has the ability to manage all their product types effectively, coupled with the flexibility to adjust to the changing demand in the marketplace. Their products can now be managed at one site with an effective warehouse solution, improving their efficiencies, storage capabilities and achieving significant savings per annum.

  • Case study of Ricoh Australia - VNA pallet racking systems

Statement from the customer

“SSI Schaefer provided a class-leading solution that met all of Ricoh’s storage and retrieval requirements such as high-bay shelving, carton live storage, selective and double deep pallet storage. The SSI Schaefer team worked professionally with Ricoh and all associated stakeholders, managing the project thoroughly from solutions design to the actual hand-over.”

Mr. Andrew Ryan from Ricoh Australia

For more project information, project specifications and more project pictures, please download Case Study in PDF on the right hand side. The Case Study is in PDF format and needs Adobe Reader to view.

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