When TT Logistics (Australasia) was contracted to coordinate the tyre and wheel assembly for their customer they were given the following parameters. The physical warehouse needed to be within seven minutes of the customers’ assembly plant in Laverton North, Victoria, and the warehouse required a physical capacity to store 50,000 tyres at any given time.

Extensive research on what kind of warehouse system to be used followed by, including a trip to view the operational Schaefer Orbiter System (SOS), in one of the warehouses in Thailand. Due to its high-density storage capacity offered, the SOS system was the ideal solution to store 50,000 tyres in the 3,000 square metre site. The promise of labour saving during the handling of the tyres also proves to be an added advantage.

  • toyota tsusho-channel storage-ssi schaefer satellite system_au
  • toyota tsusho-channel storage-ssi schaefer satellite system_au_2

With the channel storage in placed, it now improves the productivity of the operators. Toyota Tsusho (TT Logistics) can now store and assemble a 50,160 tyre capacity, 20 tyres per pallet with 2508 pallet spaces, 19 lanes wide, 33 pallets deep and 4 pallets high. The channel storage is easy-to-use, hassle-free and assisted TT Logistics to achieved significantly reduced manual handling of tyres. They believed that without channel storage, they would never have been able to store 50,000 tyres in a 3,000 square metre site.

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