SSI SCHAEFER developed an efficient solution to avoid errors in order picking and enable the traceability of orders according to legal regulations. The new SSI Order Verifier allows you to check and document outgoing shipments automatically. As a result, you can reduce your error rate and comply with the requirements of Six Sigma.

The SSI Order Verifier reaches throughput of up to 6,000 items per hour, the equivalent of roughly 300 boxes. In just one single step, the products are identified, verified and recorded. The underlying technology is extremely accurate and already patent-pending.

SSI Order Verifier

In comparison to manual or semi-automated verifying, the cost-saving benefits may amount to 95%. Most likely, the Order Verifier will therefore pay for itself within two years.

The savings you will achieve with the Order Verifier, come from two directions. On one hand, you reduce error rates and hence lower the number of returns. On the other hand, you will automate the order checking process. The system can be used as a stand-alone solution or as an add-on to existing facilities, making it suitable for expansion projects.

Technical overview

  • Automated identification and record-keeping
  • Suitable for products weighing up to 1kg and measuring 50x15x10mm up to 300x200x200mm
  • Maximum throughput of 6,000 items/h (equivalent of roughly 300 boxes/h)
  • Length of conveyors for separation will be adjusted according to product portfolio
  • Product identification through a six-sided scan at a speed of 2.5m/s
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Mode of Operation

In a first step, the picked items are delivered by containers and emptied onto a conveyor belt. During conveying, the products are separated and transported into the scanner box. Inside the scanner box, each product is scanned and recorded at t speed of 2.5m/s. Depending on the requirements, this is done either with 1D bar codes, 2S matrix codes or RFID transponders. In a final step, the products are re-united in boxes and continue their way to the customer.

Advantages of the SSI Order Verifiers

  • Complies with legal regulation of Track & Trace
  • Achieves quality level Six Sigma
  • Complete record-keeping in distribution
  • Automation of control processes
  • Simple integration into your system
  • Reads 1D and 2D bar codes (matrix codes), as well as RFID transponders
  • Conforms to the requirements of the Pedigree Law
  • Break-even in less than 2 years
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