Pallet conveyor systems from SSI SCHAEFER can be used virtually anywhere.

Fördersysteme für Paletten

Their modular design, pre-assembled components and energy-saving, frequency-controlled drive technology permit flexible internal transportation between production, warehouse, order picking and dispatch.

All our construction elements are easy to maintain, which will reduce your operating costs in the long run.

High load capacity thanks to high quality

Here is how we achieve flexibility and cost-effectiveness with our pallet conveyor technology:

  • Extremely stable side walls for chain conveyors and roller tracks
  • Extremely easy to assemble because of integrated C-rails to place the sensor technology
  • Pre-assembly incl. cabling done in-house at a SSI SCHAEFER production facility
  • Using energy-saving, frequency-controlled drive technology
  • Works in environment from -28ºC to +45ºC
Palettenfördersysteme von SSI SCHÄFER

Furthermore, since we collaborate with established manufacturers for parts and components, you can count on high quality, high performance and long life span of our systems.

Whatever load units you would like to transport in your warehouse: With pallet conveyor systems from SSI SCHAEFER you really cannot go wrong. They can be used with euro, DIN industrial and chemical pallets as well as with cages, chep, half and custom pallets up to an individual weight of 1,500kg. In addition - with just a few modifications - you can also convey other unit loads.

Information and Consulting
Information and Consulting

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Download Brochures
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